Adapting the Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalism – Living with less. Less clutter, less financial burdens, and overall less “stuff”.

I’ve always wanted to transition to the minimalist lifestyle, but I didn’t know where to start and if I was mentally prepared to take the necessary steps. I thought that my life would be bland, my closet would be full of neutrals, and my home would lack character. You see, I thought of minimalism as a “chore” and not a “philosophy”. It’s not a system of constantly checking items off your list, but a mental evaluation about living your best life based off of experiences rather than materialistic things. To get rid of excess stuff that society has deemed essential to our everyday life. To be free from financial worry. To develop better relationships. To be.. happier 🙂

I want to be intentional about purchases I make and the things that I own. I want to rid myself of impulsive shopping and regain my freedom from the passion to possess. I want to focus more on the things that matter most!

Okay.. don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about?

  • That bath & body works stash you have either in your hall closet or on top of the nightstand
  • You purchased a makeup vanity and bought every beauty product your favorite Youtuber has listed as “must-haves”
  • Your obsession with designer labels (clothing, shoes, purses, belt, etc.)
  • Gym membership that you never use
  • Renting a huge apartment/owning a large home with extra space you don’t use
  • Owning multiple credit cards
  • Buying groceries that you’ll never cook
  • Stack of cute journals and planners from TJMaxx and Target

We all have stuff!! It’s extremely hard to break the cycle of consumerism and hoarding, when we are literally being sold items everywhere we go!! The fact that Amazon has same day delivery has made my husband more of an online shopper than I am. When I scroll down my timeline on social media sites, ads are constantly luring me in. Checking my emails daily, wondering how I’m still receiving emails from companies I know I have unsubscribed from. My nail salon texting me deals if I haven’t checked in within 30 days. Whew.. it’s exhausting, but technology has made it so easy for us to spend and obtain clutter.

So during this quarantine, I am challenging myself to start my minimalist journey. Here’s a list of goals I am hoping to accomplish:

  1. Deep clean each room in my home
  2. Get rid of items I have not used in the last 90 days
  3. Reorganize my space to be functional
  4. Exercise daily with body weight workouts
  5. Budget and cut down on expenses
  6. Clean out emails and organize folders
  7. Reorganize my phone for higher productivity (delete/add apps, clean out camera roll, organize notes)
  8. Unfollow/Unfriend people on social media that doesn’t inspire me

What are you doing while being at home? Have you ever thought about becoming a minimalist?

2 thoughts on “Adapting the Minimalist Lifestyle

  1. That Bath and Body Works on the list made me weak. But it was a reality check. You inspire me. I have already began to do this but I’m glad that others are also beginning to do so as well. Helps to know that I am not alone. It wasn’t easy that’s for sure. However, I will suggest that some of the things we’ve collected over the years are valuable. So before you began trashing things make sure it isn’t something you can resale. Love u


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