Bridal Party Proposals

I popped the question and they ALL said yaaaaaaaaassssssss! Here’s a breakdown of what I think every bride should include in their proposals:

  1. Something Personal
  2. Something Sweet
  3. Something they can use on the big day
  4. Contact information

Nessa’s Proposal Boxes

I have 4 bridesmaids and 1 Matron of Honor. I also included my 2 hostess’ in my proposal process because they are just as special to me as the others.

  1. Personal: For a personal touch I included a photo of me with each bridal party member attached to the top of their box. Inside the box, included a proposal question tailored to each girls personality. I also added a trinket dish with their first initial on it.
  2. Sweet: The kid in me came out as I decided to gift them with some BLING BLING… an infamous ring pop. Because, duhh I’m popping the question!
  3. Big Day: I found these super cute handkerchiefs from Walgreens and I had to have them. They say “No ugly crying” and will be perfect for them to carry on wedding day.
  4. Communication: Because not all of my bridal party members are in the same city, I added a contact sheet. It listed each member’s name, their role in the wedding, and a phone number. This was helpful for my MOH in forming her group message.

Meet my Bride Tribe!!

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