City Girl Living in Chicago

I seriously may be falling in love with Chicago!! This was my second time visiting, with the first time being for a work conference. On my first visit, I did a lot of tourists attractions and mostly stayed in the downtown area. This go round, I came to the city to live the crazy life of flight attendants, without actually flying of course haha! One of my close friends is based there and I came to see her new place and celebrate her half birthday. Yes, you read correctly half birthday. Didn’t I say flight attendants live a crazy life?!

Half Birthday/ Half Crazy

She prepped a counter full of appetizers she couldn’t eat, because she’s vegan. She bought a piñata to celebrate the half birthday with her roommate, and made cute drinks with flamingo straws to celebrate the evening! So I would say my first few hours in Chicago was a success! I met other awesome flight attendants from all over the nation, shared remarkable stories of our careers, love, hate, and everything in between.

Once everyone left the house party, what else is there to do on a Tuesday evening? Go to the bar, duh! But not just any bar, a speakeasy themed one.

Speakeasy Bar

Created during the Prohibition era when alcohol was illegal, these bars were created to sell alcohol in discreet places. This particular bar, The Violet Hour, is hidden in plain sight.

The artwork on the bar is changed out monthly to keep up with the speakeasy theme. When walking inside the bar, I felt like I was meeting a member of the mob. Floor to ceiling drapes to enter and exit out of the main lobby. Elaborate upholstered blue chairs for table of two’s, vintage chandeliers appropriately placed from the ceiling, and of course a massive bar that’s truly the focal point of the establishment. When viewing the menu, I felt the same pain my mom goes through in a dimmed restaurant. So bring your specs but don’t use your flashlight on your phone, because phones aren’t allowed in. Take a look below for the house rules and make sure you visit next time you’re in town for a gourmet beverage.

Champagne Diet

Oh darling, who doesn’t visit the Hampton’s during the summer?! I’m talking about Hampton Social, an ultra chic restaurant elegantly designed to resemble East Coast living. We dined here for happy hour and ordered a bottle of Rosé and a mushroom thin crust pizza, both were half off during happy hour!!

Weekday nightlife

So did I mention I was there during the week? Luckily Chicago is one of those cities that never sleeps, because I was not expecting to have so much fun bar hopping on a Wednesday night! We began our night at the Hubbard Inn and to our surprise it was ladies night and the General Manager’s Birthday. We were greeted with slices of birthday cake and the sounds of an incredible DJ. So y’all, first of all. This place was raffling off prizes to women every 30 minutes and all you had to do was buy a drink to enter. Can someone tell me why they were raffling off $1,000? Oh, and I just looked on their site, to enter it on the blog and it’s advertising a Louis Vuitton item as the grand prize. Wow, just wow! Only big cities can do it big like that! Needless to say it was a nice size crowd of women, and wherever there are women, there are men. Highly suggest this bar to anyone visiting Chicago!

Next stop was Underground, which I am assuming is the weekday turn up spot because we noted a lot of the same individuals from Hubbard Inn quickly trickled into this club. This club was mildly decorated, with a few booths in the middle and two bar areas across the dance floor. Again, another AMAZING DJ. I’m always impressed when I can go into a diverse club and hear the perfect mix of hip hop, r&b, and pop. People danced all night and I can’t believe it, but this place stayed open until 4AM on a WEDNESDAY. Like what is life?! And of course, here I am with the group of #TeamNoSleep flight attendants dancing the night away until the lights came on. We had a BALL, be sure to add this place to your list of stops when you’re in town and tell Omar I sent you.

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