Reigning Season in Sequin

I am freeeeeeee!!! Yay!!! Your girl is officially done with graduate school! I am so thrilled to have finished my Master’s degree and have already confirmed a salaried position in my career field. To celebrate this accomplishment and my 25th birthday, my parents threw me a party with my closest friends and family. Little did I know, this event would turn into a surprise engagement (screams at the top of my lungs!!).

Anyways, to celebrate I wanted something comfortable, sparkly, and of course AFFORDABLE! My theme was “One Woman Many Crowns” which is the boujee version of saying one woman with many hats, hence the celebration of many accomplishments. I searched my favorite online site, Missguided, and found this beauty of a jumpsuit. I bought the jumpsuit 50% off and ordered it in a US size 8 (I’ve lost weight, thank you God).


Once I received the jumpsuit I was very unhappy with the overall style in the back. It was toooooooo “couture” and did nothing for my shape.


I went to a local seamstress and she cut the straps and made them into a holter around my neckline. So glad I took a leap of faith and altered the jumpsuit, because I LOVED the outcome!! It was the perfect ensemble for the occasion!


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