NYE 2017: Outfit Inspiration

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New Year’s has always been one of the holidays that gives me anxiety. I somehow never have concrete plans until the week of, and I’m always questioning my attire to ensure that it’s appropriate for fun and the cold weather. I’m usually excited for the year ahead, but this year I’m super anxious about the events that may or may not occur in 2018.

This year, yet again, I still have no concrete plans. Yes, it’s the Thursday before the holiday, and I am still asking friends about their plans to bring in the new year. I’m sure something will come up as always!

Anyways, here are 2 fun looks to help inspire your New Year’s Eve ensemble!

Look #1 Getting Glamorous with your Girls

First, is the traditional sequin dress, which is ALWAYS appropriate for this time of year. Pair it with a simple heel and add a fur with it and you’re ready to go. I wore this dress on NYE in 2015, and bought it from Charlotte Russe. I definitely suggest shopping from there, Windsor, or Dillard’s for an affordable sequin outfit!

Look #2 Hooking up with Hulu and Hennessy

If you’re not into getting dressed up for the holiday, I totally understand. Staying in with friends, family, or a significant other? Say less. Wear less.

This glittery t shirt dress and sock bootie look is for you. It says: I tried my best to be festive, cute, and cozy!

I purchased this t shirt dress from Zara this past summer for only $12.99. They seriously need to open one in Memphis!!

The sock booties are Steve Madden and I bought them from Dillard’s in November. I think they were about $60. They’re super comfortable and can be worn in versatile looks.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of this holiday season and have a safe and memorable New Year!


Love always, Notably Nessa

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