OOTD: Voluptuous Velvet

On this particular day, I actually was capturing a couple of outfits for the site, and ended up packing this one to wear to work afterwards. Go figure it would be my favorite look from the shoot! I am currently working part-time at BCBG, and we have to wear either all black or BCBG items. I am in LOVE with this blouse from there!! It compliments my complexion, feels amazing, and not to mention that every time I’ve worn this blouse to work, I’ve sold it to a customer 🙂 !

I paired it with yet another pair of velvet bottoms. Velvet is the shit, simply put!

I bought these velvet leggings from Target last year and they’ve given me the instant luxurious look for every top I’ve worn with it.

My hair… darling. I’ve put off on getting these faux locs for a while now. I was unsure of how they’ll look and they’re sorta pricey. They’re not heavy as I thought they would be, and are not as long as I envisioned. If I were to get them again, I will probably add more color in it. I was playing it safe this go round. But, I seriously think this is my favorite protective style thus far. So urban, yet classy, it’s kinda mind-blowing.

Thanks for reading, love you lots!!!


xoxo, Notably Nessa

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