Walk by Faith not by Sight

When I tell you that God is real, I mean it, and I’ve experienced it. This year has been a test of my faith, surrounding my career, my education, and my finances. I am currently a second year student at The University of Memphis, pursing a Master’s of Health Administration degree. While in school, I had been working a full-time job as an EKG technician at a local heart clinic in my hometown, Memphis, TN. Although I loved my job, I knew I needed to resign from my position to acquire a summer internship, which was already a requirement for my graduate program. The internship required me to leave town and move 1.5 hours away to Jackson, TN for 12 weeks. I could have stayed at my job, in that same role, while completing a few projects, but I needed a true hands-on experience in Health Administration, to enhance my resume for when I began applying for opportunities post-graduate school. I truly stepped out on faith with this decision, knowing that there was a risk of returning back to Memphis with no job or income.

My internship was a huge success! I met many great influencers and learned so much during that time frame, but those 12 weeks sure did fly by. My colleagues called in favors back in Memphis for me to become employed again, but nothing came out of it. I applied to jobs I was over-qualified for, qualified for, and under-qualified for, and still NOTHING! I spoke to many “top-level” executives and recruiters in the city, and they all assured me that I would find something and also to continue applying online, networking, and praying. Soon enough, I was beginning to feel worthless.

In the midst of applying for multiple jobs in my hometown, I was also in the process of applying for post-graduate fellowships across the nation. For those who are unaware, a fellowship is a position between an internship and a job. Hospitals and health systems hire new graduates from my field of study, to invest in their development and training as future healthcare executives. I applied to seven fellowships, held phone interviews with six of those, and was invited for two on-site interviews!

Once the interview process was over, I went to church one Sunday morning and heard a word from God that renewed my faith immediately. The pastor spoke about “Hannah’s Faith” from 1 Samuel 1:1-20. Hannah always dreamed of being a mother of a baby boy, but for some odd reason, God closed her womb for 19 years. Her husband married another woman and they conceived children on her behalf. Despite the envy and sadness Hannah may have felt, she continued being faithful. She prayed day and night, the same prayer to God, of her heart’s desire to become a mother. She recognized that everyday could be her day of blessing. God eventually answered her prayers, and she gave birth to a baby boy, and named him Samuel.

The preacher shared how this sermon was not the one he intended on preaching, but God spoke to him that morning and told him that someone needed to hear this story. That person was me.

He went on to discuss that there are things that God does with no explanations given; it’s all His decision and timing. We as Christians must always remain faithful in His word and continue living life as best as we can until the day our prayers are answered. The preacher continued on with alter call for anyone in the audience who has been praying the same prayer, and it hadn’t been answered, to come and receive the holy oil. I went forward and wept because of the heartache I was experiencing. In August, my internship ended, as well as my income. To add to unfortunate events, I lost a close family member during the same time. There I was October 29th, still without a job, savings account depleted, and behind on school work because of frequent traveling for job interviews. In that moment, I was the most vulnerable I had ever seen myself.

Once the preacher reached me in line, we had an instant connection. He felt my downward energy and the feeling that I had lost all hope for the pride I once had in myself. He prayed with me and gave me words to repeat to God to continue on with my faith.

The very next day, Monday, I received a phone call to schedule a job interview at another heart clinic in Memphis. Tuesday, I interviewed for the position. Tuesday afternoon, I received an offer for a post-graduate fellowship. Thursday, I received the offer for the position at the heart clinic in Memphis.

Within one week, my life changed. God granted me the blessings that I had been faithfully praying for.

On that Friday, I accepted the job in Memphis, which is full-time and included a sign-on bonus. I then accepted the post-graduate fellowship at Erlanger Health System’s Heart & Lung Institute in Chattanooga, TN. This included a generous salary and relocation fees for me to begin working in July 2018!

When I tell you that God is real, I mean it, and I’ve experienced it.

I’m so excited for things that lie ahead for my future. I’ll continue to put God first, and never again have to question His timing!

Thank you to my incredible support system who helped me keep my head afloat and encouraged me to never lose myself. I am forever grateful for your love.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Walk by Faith not by Sight

  1. Look at God !! He allow a certain amount of trials and tribulations to come our way and test our faith and trust & you had the strength to get through it without giving up.
    You go girl 💋


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