7 Fall Fashion Trends in 2017

We’re officially one week into Fall and beginning the month of October, and I am SO excited for the season change! Fall is not my favorite season, but living in Memphis, it’s always nice to get a break from the awful humidity the summer brings. It’s now time for cooler temperatures, beautiful sceneries, hot toddy tea, and of course.. Fall Fashion!!

Fall can be super tricky during the bi-polar weather forecasts, so I have compiled a list of Fall trends to keep you in style this season! These are items that I have either recently bought or will be recycling from the previous year.

  1. Statement booties


    Bought these super cute booties in mid-September from my local Marshalls, and I seriously can not wait to wear these! They’re perfect to match with cuffed jeans or a flared skirt.

  2. Cut Out Blouse

    This top came from Express earlier this year at an end of Winter Sale. I think I’ve only worn it twice, and I also have it in burgundy. This top is super easy to style, omg! Can be worn underneath a moto jacket and paired with a high waisted bottom, and off you go!

  3.  Velvet please
  4. Faux Leather

    Faux leather and/or real leather fashion pieces are a definite must-have this season. It can dress up any outfit for a timeless look! Purchased this skirt and an identical black one from Dillard’s.

  5. Not your average Sweater DSC_0961.png

    Ruffles, cut outs, off the shoulder.. you name it, we love it in a sweater! Recently purchased from my local Marshalls.

  6. Distressed Denim

    I actually purchased this jacket from Missguided in the spring to wear to Future’s Nobody’s Safe Tour. It’s a creative spin off from an original jean jacket that essentially can be worn with anything. Distressed denim dresses, jeans, and jackets are a haute look on a cool day!

  7. Metallic Accessory

    DSC_0096-Edit.jpgThis cute clutch has been a staple in my closet for about 3 years now. My sorority sister, Verinique bought this for me as a gift and I have taken great care of it. I’ll especially carry it this season as metallics have literally taken over timeline on social media! I am seriously hoping to add a few more metallic pieces to my closet!

Please comment below and let me know what trends you plan on wearing this Fall!

Thanks for reading,


One thought on “7 Fall Fashion Trends in 2017

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Coincidentally, I have been working on a “Fall Staple Pieces” post too!!! I love that you included the ruffle sweater and LEATHER!!! (I can’t get enough of it! 😂) lol Soooooo proud of you Notably Nessa!!! Keep up he FABULOUS blogging!!! #BloggersUnite 💗💗💗


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