Is there a future for the fashion industry in Memphis? 

Sharing a little black girl magic on my page today as a fellow Memphis native has shared her views of the city and it’s sense of style and fashion! I loved the feature on the Choose 901 website  and decided to reblog the post. 

I 100% agree with Andrea as she states that the perspective of Memphis fashion is mainly urban wear, when in actuality, it has the potential of being a city in the forefront of fashion. Memphis is known for its abundance of rich culture including food, music, and artistry. But, why not fashion? 

I truly feel as if the city MAY be heading into the right direction as H&M has opened 2 stores in the area within the past year and Nordstrom’s Rack moving right in the central area of the city. Also, local boutiques such as Luxe Boutique  and Crazy Beautiful are in great locations as well for a flow of tourists to come see what we have to offer. I am eager to see what other major retailers and local stores will ease their way into town soon. 

Comment and tell me: 

  1. Why you believe Memphis can or can not be the next major city for the fashion industry
  2. What Retail stores would you like to have in the city? 
  3. What’s your favorite local store or boutique to shop at ?

 Check out the article below, as well as Andrea’s social media page and business page. Thanks for reading! 

Choose 901: Andrea Everett
Andrea’s Instagram page 
Andrea’s Business Page

*Disclaimer: Photos are from the Choose 901 article and were taken by Trey D. Hayes. 

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