My Trip to The Big Apple!!

So this past weekend I traveled to New York City, NY with my sorority sister, Kiaya. She was born and raised in the Bronx until her mom relocated to Nashville, TN with her job. She invited me along on the trip and what a trip it was!!

  1. Death to my feet: okay, so everyone says that there is a lot of walking when traveling in the city. But no one said: your feet will be on fire and will eventually feel numb. And it didn’t help any that I wore boots with a small chunky heel on it. You know I was just trying to be fashionably cute and somewhat comfortable being that  I was in one of the fashion capitals of the world!!! But no I stopped twice to buy a change of shoes because I couldn’t bear the boot any longer, smh. Nonetheless, I loved the walking. I realized how dependent I was on my car and how out of shape I am. Lmao!!
  2. Tourists crazy: I LOVED being a tourists. Going to the Empire State Building, New York Public Library, Central Park, seeing Times Square, shopping in the Soho district, riding the subway, and eating pizza. New York was everything I expected and so much more. I highly encourage everyone to visit there at least once in their lifetime!
  3. Bonding: Being that I met Kiaya in my sorority, we pride ourselves on sisterhood and sisterly relations. On this trip I learned so much about her that I would have never known just from going out in Tennessee like we regularly do. I was able to see her old neighborhood, meet family members, and eat one of her favorite dishes growing up. I cherish this trip dearly as much as I cherish our friendship. My travel partner for life!!!!

So here is a recap of my trip from the lenses of my iPhone. Enjoy!!

1.Day ONE

Grand central station: Our first stop for lunch on Thursday. I had a chicken philly wrap from the chirping chicken and Kiaya had Chinese food.

Empire State Building: What an amazing view of the city and surrounding areas. You really get to see what they mean by “concrete jungle” buildings stacked on top of each other and people look like ants.


Next stop was rooftop drinks at Loopy doopy rooftop bar on top of the Hilton hotel in manhattan. These drinks were so good, but the Popsicle was even better! So rich in flavor! Not to mention the amazing views across New York/ New Jersey

Day 2: Our very own fashion week!!

Here we are catching the 6 Train to Soho Shopping District. By the way, we received many compliments on our hats lol

You see!!! We had a photoshoot of our own

So as our day continues we walk on Times Square and notice a billboard on the H&M store front saying H&M runway. We walk inside and see there is an actual runway with flashing lights, cameras, and a DJ. H&M offered a free runway event for their customers to strut their stuff on the big screen in TIMES SQUARE!!! Ahhhh!! Omg! I have the privalege to say I have had an Ad on Times Square, all thanks to H&M. This probably was the highlight of my trip. This was something I’ve never dreamed of, being a model, being on a billboard, flashing lights, blah, blah, blah. I just wanted to be the ultimate tourist. And what tourist wouldn’t like being on a big screen on 42nd and Broadway?!!! NO ONE! So check out our debut:

Kiaya should be a model, seriously!! She was so perfect and walked with effortlessly swag! Ahh I loved it!!

Me on the other hand.. Not so great, but it was an incredible experience and I enjoyed every second I was on that screen!!

After an amazing day, we had an even more amazing night. We went out to a club a block behind Times Square and had a GREAT night.

The club we went to had a party with DJ Khaled as the guest performer and we had no idea!! I was able to catch a quick selfie with him

Day 3: Urban living and more tourism

Here is Kiaya posing at her Elementary school P.S. 109

We arrived at Central Park with an ice cream cone covered in rainbow sprinkles!




Overall, the trip was amazing!! I wasn’t able to capture every moment of our adventure, but I really enjoyed New York and time spent with my sister. Thanks for reading!

Until next time 🙂

Notablynessa, xoxo

3 thoughts on “My Trip to The Big Apple!!

  1. NESSA THIS WAS FABULOUS!!! BECAUSE OF YOU I CANNOT WAIT TO VISIT NY!!! You’re such an awesome writer!!! Love you honey!!!! 😘😘😘


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